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NATURAL AND SYNTHETIC TURF Better Bricks & Paving provide the finest quality Synthetic & Natural Turf. Wondergrass Synthetic Turf is environmentally friendly and is backed by a 7 year, natural wear and tear guarantee. It is fade resistant and copes well in our Australian summer heat. Wondergrass Sythetic Turf is produced using the latest advanced technology which allows them to create a product that is easy to install, low maintenance and also cost effective. Their range includes but is not limited to Wondergrass Pro, Season Master & Putting Green. Our 100% Organic Natural Turf, is free from fertilisers and is grown organically using a natural biological stimulant called Supercharge. It contains minerals and nutrients that enhance the development of micro-organisms therefore producing more organic matter which improves the soil and increases turf establishment. Our range includes Tall Fescue, Santa Anna Couch, Kikuyu & Buffalo Kakadu. For more information on our Synthetic and Natural Turf options – or any of the products in our range – please contact us in store, via phone or our online enquiry form. Our friendly staff are able to provide guidance personally tailored to you, to help you gain the best possible outcome for your exciting new project
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